Don't say I never asked you for anything!

Well, HELLO! I'm going to skip the usual excuses about not posting and resolving to do better and just jump straight to my question (which I already asked on Twitter, and thanks for the responses there). I need footage help: I'm looking for 1) clocks with moving hands (like time-lapse, where you can see the movement easily) and 2) moving clockwork interior parts. Large or small clocks fine, movies/TV/whatever, better if it's modern source and HD. Stock footage is one option (and I have *some* stock, so I'm going to search through that to see if I've got any clock stuff), but it tends to be kind of boring and I'd rather not go that route. Thanks in advance for ANY suggestions you might have!

I don't know if everyone has gone to Dreamwidth or whatever at this point -- I do have a DW account and I think it's "chasa". That's also my Twitter account, in case anyone would like to know. I'm so damn interesting, after all. I do actually use the Twitter account. I upgraded my Blackberry (oh ye of the hand-crank internet connection) to an Android phone at the beginning of the summer and started using social media again. Though the new phone...grrr...I think I need BIFOCALS now, in no small part due to being obsessed with it for the first month and staring constantly at that little screen with my tired, aged eyes. See? I am a creature of fascination and intrigue.
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An occasional post wouldn't kill me

I've been vidding. And then my vidding computer had a near-death experience, which it definitely had not earned the right to have since it's only a few months old. But one replaced power supply later, it lives again and I may finish a vid this year (or maybe more than one, but let's not get crazy with ambition).

I've read the Hunger Games trilogy twice and dragged a few friends into it as well, so we all went to see the movie on Saturday and LOVED it. Massively.

I turned 40, which is sobering. OR IT WOULD BE, if I stopped drinking long enough to think about it. Honestly, I already had my emotional crisis (I optimistically assume that it will be crisis, singular) a few years back and this birthday didn't throw me. I'm as responsible as I need to be to maintain the ruse of being an adult, but I fervently hope that I *never* feel mature. What I do feel is very fortunate and grateful. And sleepy, so it's off to bed with me.
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Fill in the blanks

I am done with school!!! Pretend I posted this in September, the actual month of being done.

I am buying a new computer for the vidding, now that I can actually contemplate hobbies again. It's very exciting \o/ My current desktop was purchased back in 2005 and I called it "a wonder...a marvel...a vidding monster" then, which of course means that it is a hobbling, pathetic, non-functional relic, you are such a bitch.

I have been watching things and reading things and thinking about things. Please imagine that I described them here and they were extremely interesting to you ;-)
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Doctor Who 6.04

You brilliant, beautiful, marvelous show. Also, everyone needs to obtain the Confidential for this one, because it is filled with joy.

(be back after June 19th, when I'll have finished all but ONE remaining class for the master's degree and quality of life should be measurably improved :-))
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That moment when...

...DOCTOR WHO S6 PROMOS. You make me so high.

Oh, Game of Thrones. Please be as awesome as you appear. Just watched a Comcast featurette tonight on how they created the whole damn Dothraki language for the show (which is not in the books, only words/phrases here and there). Continue to BE AWESOME. Am in the last quarter of A Clash of Kings now.

Camelot, hello, late in 1.02, you got interesting! And not just because of EVA GREEN (who is reason enough).

Skins, not US, because why would I watch the MTV version? Anyway, I wasn't minding the new crew in S3-4 and rather liking them, right until 4.07, which was Collapse )
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The Lights go out

Friday Night Lights finale, no spoilers:
It exited with the same grace and heart that it had at the start. Not to say that over five seasons the show didn't have any weak spots -- but I can't think of many series that attempted and achieved FNL's level of authenticity on such a consistent basis (The Wire comes to mind, but nothing else). Well done, beautiful show.
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This is why I can't have fun things.

GROUP PROJECTS ARE MADE OF THE DEVIL. Related point: why are people so lame?

*breathes deeply*

This is the last academic course in my master's degree -- I've got four more classes after this, but they're all CPA exam prep material converted into course format, and as I understand it, they're very flexible. Right now, it's the capstone course and it's mostly group stuff, which I was dreading...and sadly, it is living up down to my expectations. Seriously: one person in my group has only popped up once to say she was just returning from a trip out of the country and would be back on Thursday. It's now Saturday and the end of Week 2 of an eight-week course and she's nowhere to be seen. Another person is getting married this weekend (!!!! ???) and "may not be around for a few days." Hey, here's an idea! Maybe don't sign up for a class that runs on a compressed schedule when you're going to be traveling internationally and/or getting married. JUST A THOUGHT. And those are the good people in the group! The other two, who are supposed to be working on the same section of our weekly group paper, submitted two separate lumps of useless crap. At least if they had worked together to produce ONE lump of useless crap, it might in its crappiness at least flow remotely like a section of a paper should.

SO, PALATE CLEANSER. I would love for you to share with me your newest source of fannish squee, whether the source is actually new or not. I did recently watch Misfits (love!) and Lost Girl (found it somewhat cheesy, but very good fun) and have started Netflixing Slings & Arrows (still on the fence about it, may continue) and State of Play (literally just today, only one ep in, but LOVED it). I can't think of any new shows I've picked up this season -- anything worthwhile? I tried a couple of Hawaii Five-Os, but didn't stay with it.
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(no subject)

Hi! I haven't posted for months and in the interim I've been losing my mind a little bit! And how are  you?

Bunch of changes on the job front. On the up side: big promotion, big raise. Trust me, I'm fully grateful considering that I was unemployed two years ago. It's a good thing, or rather it WILL BE, when the crazy has subsided. Right now, our department has next to no staff -- basically, you're looking at it. I don't know how to do roughly 80% of the things I'm attempting to triage during this "transition" phase (we're working on new hires, and working really quickly...but it's a process). Not knowing what you're doing is particularly fun when you're dealing with stuff like an irascible faculty member and his multi-million dollar pending government research grant. The very definition of good times. So, boo for long, frustrating hours but yay for better compensation!

And then there's school. I just Googled to verify the difference between me and Mountain time because I've got a paper due at midnight MST. That's gonna be some quality work right there.

The closest I come to fannish fun is wearing my DW t-shirt (on weekends! wearing it now!) and staring longingly at my Eleven wallpaper on the BlackBerry that I had to get for work. That is sad, but can't dwell, must attend to shoddy paper.
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(no subject)

My 2010 Vividcon vids (non-premiering, as if that was even a question):
Pour Lui (James Bond movies, Vesper Lynd POV) -- Unusual Point of View vidshow
Gemini (Jekyll) -- Identity vidshow

Today I took a final exam and then I watched the fourth season finale of The Wire, Final Grades. Oh, look -- thematical!!!! But not really, as my final exam was only moderately intense and SEASON FOUR OF THE WIRE HAS LEFT ME EMOTIONALLY SHREDDED AND RAW. I just don't even have the words for it. Awed and devastated, those might have to do. Now I am clearly in need of emotional healing, so it's fortunate that I have a good Doctor.

Next class starts on Sunday, but until then, the plan is: sleep, booze, TV, vid (and vid beta, I didn't forget!).