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New Nip/Tuck music video: his/hers

Title: his/hers
Fandom: Nip/Tuck; S1
Music: Volcano (remix) by Damien Rice
Stats: WMV, 37.4MB (zipped), 3:17
What I am to you is not what you mean to me.

Download at my site.

Note: "Mature" content is used in this vid, like Julian McMahon's naked ass, general humpin' and pumpin' and even some girl-on-girl action. If you watch Nip/Tuck, then you already know what to expect. If you haven't seen the show but are downloading the vid, consider yourself forewarned.

I am so glad to finish a vid -- any vid -- I can't even tell you.  Never one to rush any part of the vidding process along (ahem), I let this idea languish for a solid year before starting to edit.  I'm happy I finally got around to it because this song is dead-on-target for taking a look at how toxic Christian and Kimber are together in the first season.  Mind you, I LOVE THEM.  But early on, they're nothing but bad with a side of wrong.

Comments are wonderful and always deeply appreciated :)
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