October 27th, 2006


New Dexter music video: Make Lemonade

Title: Make Lemonade
Fandom: Dexter; through 1.04
Music: Gotta Lotta Lemons by Groove For Thought
Stats: WMV (28.0MB) or DivX (32.3MB), 2:47
Dexter's gotta lotta lemons.

Download at my site.

Meet Dexter Morgan, your friendly neighborhood serial killer. But he uses his "powers" for good, so don't be haters, y'all! I guess I should warn that there's some graphic footage (when your lead character is a forensic blood spatter analyst and a sociopathic murderer, you'll have that), but it's used in a blackly humorous way here and I don't think it's too horrifying. It might even be sort of festive, given the Halloween season. Yeah, I'm going with festive.

Feedback is as tasty as a bag full of Halloween candy...but like, way fewer calories :)