July 10th, 2007


New Moulin Rouge music video: With One Glance

Title: With One Glance (download here)
Fandom: Moulin Rouge (2001 movie)
Music: The Tower of Learning by Rufus Wainwright
Stats: WMV (42.7MB) or DivX (43.9MB), 3:46
All the sights of Paris pale inside your iris.

This was submitted as a premiering vid for Vividcon next month...but the Premieres show is full, and I opted *not* to have this go to the overflow show (Nearly New) because I'd already submitted another vid for that and didn't want to bump it. Soooooo, long story short -- here it is now instead!

What's there to say about Moulin Rouge? If you've seen it, then you probably already are quite sure whether you love or hate it, overstuffed pinata of a movie that it is. I have the big love for its special brand of crack, and this was an off-the-cuff vid idea (conceived while driving long distances over Memorial Day weekend and listening to music) that led to a purely enjoyable whirlwind vidding experience. I wish more of my vids went this way.

Many thanks to obsessive24 for her invaluable beta input, which enriched this vid greatly :)

Oh, I almost forgot the shameless begging for feedback, disguised (though just barely) in a phrase like, "Comments very much appreciated." Yeah, that!