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New Dexter music video: Vibrate

Title: Vibrate
Fandom: Dexter; SPOILERS for all of S1
Music: Vibrate by Rufus Wainwright
Stats: WMV (30.4MB) or DivX (31.7MB), 2:50
Dexter and the ITK.

A game of cat-and-mouse and a search for kinship.

I was shooting here to get my head around both the creepy, fucked-up, admiring dance as they circle closer to each other and then the sibling connection and love. Dexter's discovery of brotherhood -- the realization that he was not alone -- talk about having your world turned upside down.

Um, yeah, and I do mean brotherly love. No habla incest slash...blargh. But y'all can bring your own perspectives ;)

I'm totally serious about that cut tag -- if you haven't seen all of the first season, this vid will ruin it for you. In the meantime, you might want to check out Make Lemonade, which won't spoil S1 all to hell. I know, what a blatant self-pimp...but it's my journal...that's what I do ;)

As indicated above, both Windows Media and DivX are available at my site. There is no significant quality difference between the two. I think the WMV is a bit prettier, but if you use a media player (like VLC) that doesn't handle Windows Media well, then I strongly suggest getting the DivX. Cross-posted to dextervids (here), vidding (here) and dd_dexter (here)...sorry if you got caught in the spam!

I shamelessly adore and appreciate feedback...for God's sake, don't make me beg ;)
Tags: vids, vids [tv]: dexter
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