chasa (chasarumba) wrote,

New Farscape music video: Prayer

Title: Prayer
Fandom: Farscape (spoilers through 4.19, We're So Screwed Part 1: Fetal Attraction)
Music: Mary by Kristin Hoffmann
Stats: WMV, 23.0MB, 4:18
Desperation is its own religion.

This is an Aeryn POV, concentrating on S4 eps Prayer and WSS Pt. 1 (though there are some of her past trials/tribulations worked in as well, where the lyrics seemed to call for reflection upon those).  Lyrics are linked from the download page and I'll be adding more detailed notes as soon as I can get them written up.

Crossposted to vidding and clamshellers. If you're a member of the Terra Firma forum and prefer to comment there, the link is: Prayer thread @ TF
Tags: vids, vids [tv]: farscape
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