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Older Jossverse music videos (Angel, Buffy, Firefly)

I'm thinking of getting rid of my website's blog at some point, so I needed to add an entry here for the Jossverse vids that predate this journal (because of that they don't already have vid release posts like all of the other vids). The LJ FAQ says that this shouldn't appear on friends' pages because I'm using the Date Out of Order option (it's actually December 2007), but I apologize if they are big liars and it does show up.

Title: Darla and Connor: A mother/son tribute (download here)
Fandom: Angel; S1-4
Music: There You'll Be by Faith Hill
Stats: WMV (5.85MB), 3:24
Completed June 2003, poor quality first!vid, doesn't even have a description (bless) :)

Title: Nobody Does It Better (download here)
Fandom: Jossverse general (Angel, Buffy, Firefly)
Music: Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon
Stats: WMV (12.1MB), 3:28
A nod to the creative force that is Joss (featuring episodes written and directed by him). Completed July 2003.

Title: Man Smart, Woman Smarter (download here)
Fandom: Angel; all seasons
Music: Man Smart, Woman Smarter by Robert Palmer
Stats: WMV (14.0MB), 3:06
Those pretty boys of Angel, ever so easy to have some fun at their expense. Originally released March 2004; remastered August 2005.

Comments welcome, even a billion years later :)
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