chasa (chasarumba) wrote,

New Farscape music video: Full Circle

Title: Full Circle
Fandom: Farscape (spoilers through 4.22, Bad Timing)
Music: Bedshaped by Keane
Stats: WMV, 48.9MB (zipped), 4:40
You'll follow me back with the sun in your eyes.

S3-4 (mostly S4) dual POV look at John and Aeryn's respective journeys back to each other. For me, this is practically a happy fluffy shippy vid (or as close as I'm likely to get). But if it helps, there was much despair during the creation of it ;)

If you're a member of the Terra Firma forum and prefer to comment there, the link is: Full Circle thread @ TF
Tags: vids, vids [tv]: farscape
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