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My 2010 Vividcon vids (non-premiering, as if that was even a question):
Pour Lui (James Bond movies, Vesper Lynd POV) -- Unusual Point of View vidshow
Gemini (Jekyll) -- Identity vidshow

Today I took a final exam and then I watched the fourth season finale of The Wire, Final Grades. Oh, look -- thematical!!!! But not really, as my final exam was only moderately intense and SEASON FOUR OF THE WIRE HAS LEFT ME EMOTIONALLY SHREDDED AND RAW. I just don't even have the words for it. Awed and devastated, those might have to do. Now I am clearly in need of emotional healing, so it's fortunate that I have a good Doctor.

Next class starts on Sunday, but until then, the plan is: sleep, booze, TV, vid (and vid beta, I didn't forget!).
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