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Hi! I haven't posted for months and in the interim I've been losing my mind a little bit! And how are  you?

Bunch of changes on the job front. On the up side: big promotion, big raise. Trust me, I'm fully grateful considering that I was unemployed two years ago. It's a good thing, or rather it WILL BE, when the crazy has subsided. Right now, our department has next to no staff -- basically, you're looking at it. I don't know how to do roughly 80% of the things I'm attempting to triage during this "transition" phase (we're working on new hires, and working really quickly...but it's a process). Not knowing what you're doing is particularly fun when you're dealing with stuff like an irascible faculty member and his multi-million dollar pending government research grant. The very definition of good times. So, boo for long, frustrating hours but yay for better compensation!

And then there's school. I just Googled to verify the difference between me and Mountain time because I've got a paper due at midnight MST. That's gonna be some quality work right there.

The closest I come to fannish fun is wearing my DW t-shirt (on weekends! wearing it now!) and staring longingly at my Eleven wallpaper on the BlackBerry that I had to get for work. That is sad, but can't dwell, must attend to shoddy paper.
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