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This is why I can't have fun things.

GROUP PROJECTS ARE MADE OF THE DEVIL. Related point: why are people so lame?

*breathes deeply*

This is the last academic course in my master's degree -- I've got four more classes after this, but they're all CPA exam prep material converted into course format, and as I understand it, they're very flexible. Right now, it's the capstone course and it's mostly group stuff, which I was dreading...and sadly, it is living up down to my expectations. Seriously: one person in my group has only popped up once to say she was just returning from a trip out of the country and would be back on Thursday. It's now Saturday and the end of Week 2 of an eight-week course and she's nowhere to be seen. Another person is getting married this weekend (!!!! ???) and "may not be around for a few days." Hey, here's an idea! Maybe don't sign up for a class that runs on a compressed schedule when you're going to be traveling internationally and/or getting married. JUST A THOUGHT. And those are the good people in the group! The other two, who are supposed to be working on the same section of our weekly group paper, submitted two separate lumps of useless crap. At least if they had worked together to produce ONE lump of useless crap, it might in its crappiness at least flow remotely like a section of a paper should.

SO, PALATE CLEANSER. I would love for you to share with me your newest source of fannish squee, whether the source is actually new or not. I did recently watch Misfits (love!) and Lost Girl (found it somewhat cheesy, but very good fun) and have started Netflixing Slings & Arrows (still on the fence about it, may continue) and State of Play (literally just today, only one ep in, but LOVED it). I can't think of any new shows I've picked up this season -- anything worthwhile? I tried a couple of Hawaii Five-Os, but didn't stay with it.

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