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That moment when...

...DOCTOR WHO S6 PROMOS. You make me so high.

Oh, Game of Thrones. Please be as awesome as you appear. Just watched a Comcast featurette tonight on how they created the whole damn Dothraki language for the show (which is not in the books, only words/phrases here and there). Continue to BE AWESOME. Am in the last quarter of A Clash of Kings now.

Camelot, hello, late in 1.02, you got interesting! And not just because of EVA GREEN (who is reason enough).

Skins, not US, because why would I watch the MTV version? Anyway, I wasn't minding the new crew in S3-4 and rather liking them, right until 4.07, which was bizarre, inappropriate and unnecessary, even for MOTHERFUCKING SKINS. Baseball bat, John Foster? What is this fuckery? Freddie beaten to death? Skins, I know you are crazy, but now you are divorced from any reality and (though I will watch the season finale), I am breaking up with you. Fucking, fucking, fucking nonsensical wrongness.

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