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An occasional post wouldn't kill me

I've been vidding. And then my vidding computer had a near-death experience, which it definitely had not earned the right to have since it's only a few months old. But one replaced power supply later, it lives again and I may finish a vid this year (or maybe more than one, but let's not get crazy with ambition).

I've read the Hunger Games trilogy twice and dragged a few friends into it as well, so we all went to see the movie on Saturday and LOVED it. Massively.

I turned 40, which is sobering. OR IT WOULD BE, if I stopped drinking long enough to think about it. Honestly, I already had my emotional crisis (I optimistically assume that it will be crisis, singular) a few years back and this birthday didn't throw me. I'm as responsible as I need to be to maintain the ruse of being an adult, but I fervently hope that I *never* feel mature. What I do feel is very fortunate and grateful. And sleepy, so it's off to bed with me.

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