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Don't say I never asked you for anything!

Well, HELLO! I'm going to skip the usual excuses about not posting and resolving to do better and just jump straight to my question (which I already asked on Twitter, and thanks for the responses there). I need footage help: I'm looking for 1) clocks with moving hands (like time-lapse, where you can see the movement easily) and 2) moving clockwork interior parts. Large or small clocks fine, movies/TV/whatever, better if it's modern source and HD. Stock footage is one option (and I have *some* stock, so I'm going to search through that to see if I've got any clock stuff), but it tends to be kind of boring and I'd rather not go that route. Thanks in advance for ANY suggestions you might have!

I don't know if everyone has gone to Dreamwidth or whatever at this point -- I do have a DW account and I think it's "chasa". That's also my Twitter account, in case anyone would like to know. I'm so damn interesting, after all. I do actually use the Twitter account. I upgraded my Blackberry (oh ye of the hand-crank internet connection) to an Android phone at the beginning of the summer and started using social media again. Though the new phone...grrr...I think I need BIFOCALS now, in no small part due to being obsessed with it for the first month and staring constantly at that little screen with my tired, aged eyes. See? I am a creature of fascination and intrigue.

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