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Farscape music videos: Time Ends and On With The Show

Below are my two most recent vid releases (both Farscape), posted at vidding today. I have several older vids at my site as well, all Jossverse. And yeah, I love feedback, no surprise there! Don't care if it's left here or at my site or delivered via carrier's relished and appreciated no matter how it is conveyed.

Title: Time Ends
Fandom: Farscape (spoilers through PK Wars)
Music: Grace, Jeff Buckley
File Size/Type: WMV, 29.2MB
Crichton holds the joys of his life in one hand and annihilation in the other. And his time has come.

Title: On With The Show
Fandom: Farscape (S3, Infinite Possibilities through Dog With Two Bones)
Music: The Show Must Go On, from Moulin Rouge
File Size/Type: WMV, 13.9MB
Aeryn grimly resolves to go on.

If you're a member of the Terra Firma forum and prefer to comment there, the links for these vids are: Time Ends thread @ TF and On With The Show thread @ TF

Not really sure what to do about the whole LJ friending conundrum. Aside from the communities I joined, I don't really want to go there -- everything here will be public, so I don't need to friend to grant people ("people" as in the handful who might drift through here) access and don't really like the idea because it seems more exclusive than inclusive. But it's more complicated than that and my head is hurting just thinking about it...which is a clear sign that I shouldn't think about it anymore for now ;) Basically, anyone's welcome to read my drivel and if you leave a comment, you can bet that I'll make it around to reciprocate (uh, unless your journal is friends only and I can't...see, that's the complicated part again).
Tags: vids, vids [tv]: farscape

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