chasa (chasarumba) wrote,

New Farscape music video: Rhapsody In Green

Title: Rhapsody In Green
Fandom: Farscape; Green Eyed Monster (3.08) episodic
Music: Cheers Darlin' by Damien Rice
Stats: WMV, 42.6MB (zipped), 4:06
Wherein hardware insertion is a wedding (of sorts) and John is sure as hell not throwing rice.

Jealousy and wedding and concept both a bit left-of-center, which is right where I enjoy them ;) If you happen to know the song, you'll notice that it has been edited quite a bit (cropped significantly and sped up ever so slightly -- so slightly that nobody would have noticed if I hadn't just mentioned it). The original is close to six minutes long and there was just no way, no how.

I'll do notes later, but this is mostly long fades, straight cuts, very few overlays (I only had two video tracks! Is unprecedented!) and lots of playing with internal motion. The green masking of stills is an obvious effect component; less obvious, maybe, are multiple instances of speed ramping (via time remapping in AE) and one manipulated shot involving portholes (which hopefully just looks like a crossfade and not the snarly mess it actually was).

If you're a member of the Terra Firma forum and prefer to comment there, the link is: Rhapsody In Green thread @ TF
Tags: vids, vids [tv]: farscape

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