State of the television

I have caught up on Spooks. And I am now starting S4 of The Wire, OMG, what in God's name will I do with myself when I have exhausted both of these wonderful shows? There's another season of Spooks coming up, though, yes? Soon? Anyway, The Wire 4.01, which is paused right now because I just screamed with joy Collapse )

And I found S8 of Spooks to be Collapse )

Rewatching Doctor Who endlessly, with the Christmas special dancing in my head like a far-off sugarplum vision. Trying to vid as time permits. And so that's TV and thankfully there's no time left to post about mundane things, like how my auditing homework is giving me sick headaches.
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Doctor Who 5.12


The answer to all things, aside from "tea," is: keep calm, drink more, watch Confidential. Also, FOR THE RECORD (and not that I'm claiming to the the only one, but), yes to that, and also that.
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I suppose some sort of title should go here

Last weekend I went away for a few days and the most important bit of trip prep was setting up my laptop with alt.binz for Usenet access so that I COULD WATCH MAH WHO. And then when I went to girlguidejones's place, I pimped out Eleven to her and we watched, like, half the season (I skipped Victory of the Daleks! look, I gave her all the episodes so she can watch later and I told her the two relevant plotty bits, but I really wanted to get to eps 4 and 5). We watched with sparkling wine on her deck in utterly perfect weather, actually slightly chilly weather as evening came and we soldiered on (really, I would not have pressed, but she was enthused! or said she was enthused and that was good enough for me...conversion, SCORE!), so we had to go inside and put on long pants and fleece jackets. Oh, that was a nice day. Except I kind of forget how often I get weepy about TV, especially this season of DW, and on the rare occasions when I watch with other human beings, I really have to try hard not to embarrass myself.  Or in theory I *should* try not to embarrass myself, so I'll try to keep that in mind when sekkie gets caught up on DW/Torchwood and is ready to come over and marathon Eleven episodes ;-) All part of my cunning plan to provide myself with loads of handy rewatch excuses.

This fannish energy is such a pleasure! And it feels so decadent to have the time to enjoy it. I don't know what I'll do with myself when this season ends. Oh, wait -- I'll start a new class, that's what I'll do. Degree won't finish itself.

But before that, I get to meet my new nephew, who arrived over Memorial Day weekend! \o/ Both of my sisters live in the same area at present, so there's lots of family to see and it should be a great trip.

Scent of the day: Guerlain Liu, a floral aldehyde that's described as being similar to Chanel No. 5, but softer and warmer and more wearable. I think that's accurate and I love this stuff (Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere is the official Chanel "softer, easier to wear" version of No. 5 and I do like Eau Premiere, but Liu is even better).

Other things that I've run out of time to write full paragraphs about, in no particular order: sparkling wine (Mumm Napa Brut Prestige), retirement investments (obsessed with; HAVE I BECOME OLD, THEN?), saving up to build new vidding computer (scared to buy parts and assemble, but have become too picky to get what I want via customizing with Dell and also too cheap to pay for their markups) and Netflix (The Wire and MI-5/Spooks in rotation, whee, will be sad when I exhaust these two).
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Vid rec: A Love That Won't Sit Still

A Love That Won't Sit Still (Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers films) by icepixie  -- This vid combines source from multiple Astaire/Rogers films. Lots of dancing, as you'd expect! But I wouldn't call this a "dance vid" in the traditional sense because the dancing is really used as narrative here: the movement and body language tell a story of characters meeting, initial attraction, irritation, heartbreak and giddy, euphoric, whirling love. Since the plots of Astaire/Rogers films tend to be a bit similar, it really *is* possible to create a single narrative from collected source and the vidder does so beautifully. The vidder also makes great use of the peaks and valleys of the song (Stray Italian Greyhound by Vienna Teng -- lovely, lilting and a fab choice for this source). In a word, enchanting.


All I really needed was the first five minutes of Doctor Who 5.06 (The Vampires of Venice) to make me irrationally happy. But the bottle of prosecco, that also didn't hurt.

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Making me furious, on the other hand, is my (probably) wasted grad school half-session. I actually walked out of the second class meeting on Thursday night, never to return. To *this* class, I mean. I'm not dropping out of the program. Oh, not fucking likely -- I've worked far too hard to get this far. No, I'm furious that the instructor is unprepared and incompetent and now I have to withdraw from the stupid class and can't pick anything else up for this session, which tacks on two months to when I thought I'd finish and I realize that two months isn't forever, but it KIND OF IS when you're barely hanging on.

Net effect: calm, or something like it. KBO.

Shit, wait, I forgot the most interesting thing about my day! Such interesting things being few and also far between! I take the pup out for her evening walk and as we cross the street to get to the sidewalk, we pass a woman walking in the opposite direction. She's dressed normally, but she glances at us and I'm like, "hello there, crazy eyes!" But it was just a glance, so maybe I'm imagining things. Since my street loops back on itself and we're walking in opposite directions, I expect to see her again as we round the block.  And yes, we do. As we approach, she moves off the sidewalk into the middle of the road (there's room on the sidewalk for two people, but still, not odd yet). Then as we pass each other, she raises both arms above her head and BARKS AT US, TWICE. Or it was some gutteral RAHRF sort of sound that I must liken to a bark. Really now, a bit rude and WHAT THE SHIT. I can only imagine the look on my face. We kept walking, though, as you do.
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New Doctor Who music video: Pure Imagination

Pure Imagination

Title: Pure Imagination (download here)
Fandom: Doctor Who (Eleventh Doctor; mostly 5.01 and 5.02)
Music: Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (music and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley; performed by Gene Wilder)
Stats: DivX (34.7MB), 2:20
"You wanted to come fourteen years ago."
"I grew up."
"Don't worry, I'll soon fix that."

When I say "mostly 5.01 and 5.02," I mean that there's one non-spoilery 5.04 clip and a few little bits from the season promo that ran at the end of 5.01.

Feedback would be awesome if you're so inclined!

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(no subject)

Totally charmed by that noodly-limbed beanstalk with the Silly Putty face and bowtie. And IT'S SO FUN!! I am full of adoration for Eleven and Amy Pond and just generally brimming with renewed enjoyment of the show.

Also, because unconvincing assurances about how everything will be fine are what I use to move from day to day, I LOVE THIS ICON \o/

Time for: load o' laundry, The Tudors, Treme (in that order).
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Mid-thought, midpoint

I think I'm right on the edge of vidding something. I have no time! It will have to be a minute here and a minute there! That's OK :-) Nice just to feel that it will (most likely, probably, not that anyone would want to have money riding on it, wait now even *I'm* totally not sure) happen. One vid per year might have to do until this cruel war grad school is over.

Which, BY THE WAY, I think I'm halfway through with this degree...just about squarely in the middle of class 8 of 15. I understand it's all downhill from here, but halfway seems...well, like it's riding the center line between awesome/accomplished and exhausting/daunting.
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